We offer the following services with AACMM equipment; the most innovative, portable, intuitive, ergonomic and precise equipment for your projects.


We have an Articulated Arm laboratory conditioned for calibration under the methods:
ASME B89.4.22 
"Method for evaluating the performance of Articulated Arm Coordinate Measurement Machines", tests are carried out to evaluate the errors of effective diameter, volumetric performance and SPAT.
ISO 10360-12
“Reverification tests for coordinate measurement systems part 12 - Measuring Machines by Articulated Arm Coordinates”. 

***N  E  W   S C O P E***
Articulated Arm Laser Scanner (LLP) Calibration
Performance evaluation based on annex D of the standard
ISO 10360-8, to test the location value (LDia).
Our scope

At Soporte Metrology we carry out these 3 tests in the method ASME B89.4.22 :

  • Effective Diameter Performance Test
  • Single-Point Articulation Performance Test/SPAT
  • Volumetric Performance Testo
At Metrology Support we carry out these 3 tests in the method
 ISO 10360-12
- Evaluation of unidirectional lengh measurement errors (Euni).
- Evaluation of the errors of tactile probing form and of probing size (Pform, Psize).
- Articulated location error assessment (LDIA).
We collect your AACMM and return it calibrated in Mexico.

Our laboratory has the structural and environmental conditions for optimal service.

All the equipment used in the measurement is traceable to national and international organizations.


We offer the rent of our equipment for measuring parts. Whether in modalities with or without operator. We can also advise you on the purchase of new technologies based on specific manufacturing needs and standards.

All our equipment complies with the established measurement performance standards and has its valid and traceable calibration certificates under the ISO-IEC 17025 standard.


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