What mandatory information do you need to quote?

• Company name:
• Address:
• Contact name:
• Contact phone:
• Contact E-mail:

How to quote a Dimensional Inspection service?

First step: Indicate the required Measurement equipment:
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Articulated Arm (AACMM) or Laser Tracker

Second step: Description of your piece
• Color and Material of the piece to be sized
• Indicate if the piece has a clamping device (Fixture) or in a free state.
• Indicate if you require the measurement service with programming or only the measurement service.
• Indicate the number of parts and how many pieces each part has.
• Requires the measurement service with the issuance of a dimensional inspection report.
• Indicate if Full Layout is required, or specific points

Third step: Indicate if the measurement will be carried out at your facilities or at the Soporte Metrology laboratory (Puebla Laboratory or Saltillo Laboratory)

Fourth step: Attach the following information
• Attach 2D drawings.
• Share CAD models (.stp .igs) and tolerances.

Last step: send the information from the previous steps along with the mandatory data to ventas@soporte-metrology.com

Calibration scopes provided by Soporte Metrology 

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Articulated Arm CMM brand FARO
Numerical Control Machines (CNC

How to quote a calibration service?

First step: Indicate the equipment::
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Articulated Arm (AACMM) or CNC

Second step: Equipment data
• Brand and model:
• Shaft size:
• Serial number:
• Head:
• Controller:
• Software:
Third step (optional): Attach a photo of the equipment plate / previous calibration certificate.

Last step: send the information from the previous steps along with the mandatory data to ventas@soporte-metrology.com

What are the courses they teach?

Metrology software: basic, intermediate and advanced

How to download my calibration or dimensional inspection reports?

1) Click on the "My Account" button
2) Access with your username and password, according to the information provided by the quality area
3) The calibration or dimensional inspection reports for the current year will appear.
If you require past years, request them by email calidad@soporte-metrology.com
with the certificate number, company and service number.
4) Open the file and verify that the information is correct
5) Hit the icon to download

At the end, for security, click the "Log out" button

Any questions or clarifications regarding your reports, please direct them to 
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